Certification Transparency Agreement

“This Complete EHR is 2015 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.”

Developer name: Chris Reinartz

Date the product was certified: 04/24/2018

Product name: ifa EMR

Product version: v8.0

Unique certification number: 09182014‐2253‐5

Modules Tested: 170.315(a)(1‐15); (b)(1‐3, 6); (c)(1‐3); (d)(1‐9); (e)(1‐3); (f)(1‐3); (g)(2‐9); (h)(1)

Clinical Quality Measures tested:

 50v2; 68v3; 117v2; 131v2; 132v2; 133v2; 138v2; 142v2; 143v2; 156v2; 165v2; 167v2

Any additional software the certified product relied upon to demonstrate its compliance with certification criteria: NewCropRx, DataMotion, MS Excel, Sophrona e2015 Portal Technology

Mandatory Disclousure Statement:

For public release and exact language used for our website and marketing distributions:

The undersigned herewith confirms that ifa united i-tech, vendor of EHR V8, does provide easy to read and easy to understand price transparency to the users represented by:

-       Document of Understanding (individual and modified)

-       License agreement

-       Quotation (individual depending on number of users and instrument interfaces)

This certified product version may require additional costs, contractual obligations and may have technical and practical limitations.

Costs or Fees

This certified product-version may require ongoing monthly costs to support online patient portal service, Sophrona e2015 Portal Technology  (170.315.e.1).  Patient portal service allows patients to view their health information online as well as download and transmit a summary of their healthcare information to a third party electronically.  Secure messaging to the patient from the doctor is also performed this way. The ongoing monthly cost is a flat rate per provider.

Stimulus additions support for this certified product-version may require additional one-time costs as well as additional annual on-going costs. Stimulus additions include patient portal, secure messaging and eRx module. Also if the user wishes to participate in any type of registry they can license an interface called the clinical registry export module (CREM) to anonymize the patient data as well as export it into XML for registry use. There is a one-time cost to set up this interface as well as an annual fee. 

Contractual Limitations

Providers are required to sign a contract when purchasing our product. They will have the option to “lease” it but will be contractually obligated for at least one year.

Technical Limitations

The technical limitations are that the provider must purchase additional services in order to comply with meaningful use. The must have a website for the patients to access the portal from, or the portal vendor will create a generic one for them. The portal is also how the patients will be able to send the doctor secure electronic messages. These services we outline in the quotation and refer to as “Stimulus additions”. The user will be charged a one-time set up fee, and also an annual runtime fee in addition to the standard annual runtime fee for the software. We serve as the source which interfaces with these third party vendors and also support our users as a first line resource.

This language will be displayed on our website: http://ifa4emr.com/Products/EMR-EHR-PREMIUM

The vendor provides a structured guideline and support for the customization process. The licensee receives a “welcome package” which is integral part of the financial agreement.

In case of changes of the price transparency language the vendor will notify The Drummond Group.

We understand and agree that the ONC HIT Certification Program Final Rule statement gives Drummond Group, as an ONC-ACB, the sole responsibility for ensuring compliance and determining appropriate consequences if EHR technology developers fail to disclose accurate price transparency information.

We understand and agree that we will provide to Drummond Group copies of or be given access to any and all websites, marketing materials, communication statements, and other assertions made by your organization regarding the ONC certification status of your product in a reasonable time to ensure the price transparency information is being accurately disclosed.




Chris Reinartz


CIO, ifa united i-tech Inc.