The new software generation: Vendor Neutral Archives (VNA) for ophthalmologists

Many ophthalmologists have an EMR in place that cannot provide a truly inter-connected office.  Not being able to incorporate image and diagnostic equipment, such as cameras, visual fields, OTCs, lensometers, autorefractors, and more into the exam workflow limits the ability for a practice to be highly efficient.

The ifa VNA ecPACS brings together test results and images in an “all-in-one” solution (including DICOM and Non-DICOM) that is easy to connect with other software systems (PMS, HIS, EHR/EMR, PACS). By using the ifa eye care picture archive and communication system (ecPACS), practices benefit from having their patient data at the point of care.

The ifa VNA ecPACS can:

  • Be used as "Stand Alone" software or easily integrated into an existing HIS or PMS network
  • Provide connectivity to nearly 500 devices and image systems offered by over 30 manufacturers
  • Include eye draw features for all ophthalmic sub specialties (retina, cornea, oculoplastics, etc.)
  • Improve the efficiency, quality of care, and legal compliance (the "all-in-one" documentation)
  • Document findings, diagnosis, test interpretation, and structured diagnosis (ICD-10)
  • Manage demographic information and transfers charge information to a HIS and PMS (HL7)
  • Organize clinical pathways and structured workflows for various eye care visit types
  • Be easy to learn and easy to use, as it is designed according to international usability standards
  • Be upgraded to a full ophthalmic EMR (complete paperless eye care environment)

A Vendor Neutral Archive is the image enabling system for every EHR system. With the ifa VNA ecPACS, any EMR can be upgraded to an efficient ophthalmic EHR, with features specifically designed for eye care. 

VNA for ophthalmologists